As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

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Part One

Syria chemical attack
A dawn attack in Idlib province kills dozens of people and sickens dozens more — and a doctor who's been treating the victims believes it was a chemical strike. 

Non-Indigenous First Nation member
Damien Lee isn't a status Indian, or even Indigenous — but, after a groundbreaking decision that put bonds above bloodlines, he's the newest member of Fort William First Nation. 

Newfoundland storm: stranded driver
Now is the spring of their discontent in Newfoundland, because it's still winter — and no one is more disappointed than Matthew Woodland, who spent twenty-four hours stuck on the highway alone in his truck. 

Part Two

NHL Olympics
The NHL announces it won't be participating in the upcoming Winter Olympics in Korea — and one former Canadian Olympian says that makes sense from a business perspective, but not from a fan's. 

Francine Hughes Wilson obit
The late Francine Hughes Wilson ended years of abuse by setting her sleeping husband on fire — and that desperate act made her a key figure in the movement against domestic violence. 

Part Three

Stouffville band follow-up
When an Ontario pub set out to break the world record for longest-ever concert, it faced a challenge from a place in Detroit. Now, the competition has been left behind — and the pub is just hours away from its goal.   

Baltimore consent decree 
If there was any question how the US Department of Justice under Trump would handle tensions between police departments and black communities, Baltimore got an answer this week from Attorney-General Jeff Sessions — who is seeking to delay the implementation of police reforms there.

Ikutaro Kekahshi obit
At first, Ikutaro Kakehashi's Roland TR-808 was a bust. But then people realized the potential of its booms — and his pioneering drum machine changed the sound of music.