As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

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Part One

Chelsea Manning sentence commuted
Chelsea Manning — who was convicted for leaking U.S. secrets — will be released from prison almost thirty years early, after President Obama commutes her sentence. 

Nigeria bombing
The Nigerian military admits to a colossal error: instead of bombing Boko Haram militants, one of its fighter planes bombed a refugee camp, killing more than a hundred people. 

May Brexit speech
British Prime Minister Theresa May makes it clear her government will opt for a so-called "hard" Brexit — meaning the UK will make a clean break from the EU. 

Part Two

MH370 father
Investigators suspend the search for Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 and the father of a passenger on that lost plane worries he'll never know what happened to his son.

Obama country club
In the midst of a fight at a Washington-area golf club over whether to admit Barack Obama, our guest decides he doesn't want to belong to any club that won't accept the President as a member.

Part Three

Syrian Facebook lawsuit
A Syrian refugee's selfie with German Chancellor Angela Merkel has become a serious problem — because people keep sharing the image and falsely linking him to terrorist attacks. Now he's had enough — so he's suing Facebook. 

Baby acupuncture
Researchers in Sweden say sticking babies with tiny needles can actually help them stop crying.   

San Diego mover
Movers in San Diego are so moved by the loss of their NFL team that they're refusing to actually help the team move.