As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

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Part One

Pipeline announcement
Prime Minister Trudeau says "No" to the Northern Gateway pipeline, but "yes" to the Line 3 and the Trans Mountain — and Vancouver city councillor Adriane Carr is deeply unhappy about that last one, in particular. 

CBC ads: Hubert Lacroix
CBC President Hubert Lacroix says its time for the CBC to get rid of its ads but he wants Ottawa to  replace that revenue with a lot more taxpayer cash. 

Autism sippy cup
A British dad needs an exact replica of a sippy cup for his son with autism — so the company that discontinued that model says it will un-dis-continue it, just for him. 

Part Two

Thunderstorm asthma
Eight people have died so far in Melbourne, Australia, after a rare outbreak of something called "thunderstorm asthma" — which had our guest gasping for breath. 

Wind turbines
When an Ontario wind turbine deal collapsed, it left a team of American investors demanding millions from the federal government. 

Part Three

Colombia plane crash
It should have been the biggest day of the year for an underdog Brazilian soccer team. Instead, it's the saddest: on the way to the South America Cup final, the team's plane went down, and almost everyone was killed. 

UK soccer abuse
Since Andy Woodward revealed that a coach sexually abused him as a child, several other former English pro-soccer players have come forward with their own stories. 

Newfoundland speaker
The speaker of the Newfoundland and Labrador legislature has declared an amnesty: return whatever your ancestors looted from the St. John's Colonial Building back in 1932, no questions asked.