As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Part One

Nursing home deaths: relative
A former nurse is charged with killing eight residents at nursing homes in Ontario. Joanna Sweete's parents were in one of those homes, is in a state of disbelief. 

Nursing home deaths: reverend
One of the alleged victims was eighty-eight-year-old Gladys Millard. Reverend Mark McLennan presided over Ms. Millard's funeral in 2011.

Trump TV
Donald Trump may be rigging the post-election — and while the chance of some kind of Trump TV media venture surprises some, our guest saw it coming months ago. 

Tree-costumed artist 
Yesterday, a man in an elaborate conifer costume was arrested for stopping traffic in Maine — and tonight, the artist who was that tree explains why he was trunk and disorderly. 

Part Two

Pro-Wallonia Belgian politician
Chances are you haven't heard the name "Wallonia" mentioned so frequently in your life. And chances are you've heard the region's representatives are stubborn — irrationally threatening a major Canadian trade deal with the EU. But Green Party MEP Philippe Lamberts  says we shouldn't believe everything we hear. 

Brain on drugs" PSA actor
Thirty years ago, John Roselius famously fried an egg and told us "This is your brain on drugs." Now, the star of that ad is supporting Proposition 64 in California — which would legalize recreational marijuana. 

Part Three

GG fiction prize winner
Madeleine Thien got three  major nominations for "Do Not Say We Have Nothing" — and she spoke to us after winning the Governor General's Award for Fiction. 

Autocomplete research paper
New Zealand professor Christoph Bartneckis was surprised when his research paper on nuclear physics was accepted by an international conference — because it's gibberish he wrote using his iPhone's "autocomplete" function. 

Monkey study
Capuchin monkeys are going bananas for the flakes they produce by smashing stones together. But does this latest discovery mean for our understanding of human history?