As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Tuesday, October 4, 2016
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Part One

BC foster violence
BC's representative for children and youth finds more than one hundred kids have been subjected to sexualized violence while in her province's care — and most of them are Indigenous girls. 

Haiti hurricane
The most powerful storm in in the Caribbean in nearly a decade tears through Haiti and a representative of the UN's children's agency says the true toll of Hurricane Matthew may be yet to come. 

Nobel physics judge
Three British scientists win the Nobel Prize for some baffling advance in physics. Luckily, awards committee member Thors Hans Hansson is able to explain it all using breakfast pastries.

Part Two

Pennsylvania racist mayor
A Pennsylvania woman moves to oust the mayor after Facebook posts about President Obama that she calls both racist and menacing. 

Runner robbery
A thief takes flight with valuables stolen from an Arizona cross country team only to realize, a little too-late, that the guys in the running shoes might be quick on their feet. 

Part Three

Sickness benefits suit
Jennifer McCrea says she was wrongfully denied sickness benefits after she was diagnosed with breast cancer five years ago. The Liberals promised during the election that they'd settle her lawsuit immediately. A year later, they're still fighting her in court.

Hanoi Hannah obit
Hanoi Hannah's radio broadcasts were meant to eat into the morale of US soldiers who were fighting the Vietnam War. A Canadian journalist who covered the conflict offers his recollections of Trinh Thi Ngo upon her death at 87.

Octopus monument
No one missed the 400 people who perished when a giant octopus attacked a ferry off Staten Island — the same day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. That's because the attack never happened — even though artist Joseph Reginella convinced many people it did.