As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Tuesday, September 13th, 2016

Part One

Psychiatric challenge
B.C. is the only province in which forced  psychiatric therapy, including electroconvulsive treatment, is legal -- and now, two people who say they suffered under that policy are trying to change it. 

Sugar study
Researchers discover documents from the 1960s that reveal how the sugar industry paid Harvard researchers to downplay their product's role in heart disease -- and blame fats instead. 

Catfish from the sky 
For most of us, Labour Day marks the end of summer. For Lisa Lobree, this past Labour Day marked the end of her assuming a catfish would never fall out of the sky and hit her in the face. Because one did. 

Part Two

North Korea missing person
He was kidnapped to teach someone a lesson. And the family of David Sneddon, who went missing twelve years ago, believes that someone is Kim Jong-Un -- who learned English from Mr. Sneddon. 

Terror researcher
The head of the team that discovered the missing Franklin expedition ship HMS Terror after nearly 170 years tells us why they didn't think to look in Terror Bay sooner. 

Part Three

University of Manitoba copyright
Thousands of copyright infringement notices have been sent to University of Manitoba students accused of pirating movies, TV shows and textbooks. And the university says some of those notices border on extortion.

Squirrel cooking 
Team Okie Squirrel Busters takes the 2016 World Championship squirrel cook-off with its winning rodent ravioli.