As It Happens

As It Happens - Tuesday Edition

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016

Part One

Rio water
As the athletes arrive in Rio, a German sailor Heiko Kröger tells us how he's preparing for both the reek and the health risks of the Games' polluted water venues. 

Canada Supreme Court changes
Newfoundland and Labrador Justice Minister Andrew Parsons says he's disappointed that Ottawa's new process for picking Supreme Court judges may leave his province off the bench — again. 

Flossing study 
A British dentist says that, with science showing little link between daily flossing and a healthy smile, he's given up those awkwards strands entirely. 

Part Two

Alberta climber
Ryan Titchner describes the freak accident and the miraculous rescue that have left him in a Calgary hospital bed.

Downing St. cats
After David Cameron's departure leaves Number 10 Down Street with one too many cats, we talk to a veterinarian who's been watching the fur fly in the corridors of power.