As It Happens

As It Happens - Tuesday Edition

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Part One

Anglican Synod
When we first spoke with our guest, a lesbian Anglican minister, she was crushed that the church had voted against same-sex marriage — but everything changed after a recount. 

Bernie Sanders endorses
Today, Bernie Sanders officially endorsed Hillary Clinton — but his most fervent supporters are still fanning the flames of dissent. 

Faroe Islands sheep
On top of the woolled. That's where our guest put the cameras on five creatures in the remote Faroe Islands — because if Google Street View won't take pictures of the place, some roaming sheep will. 

Part Two

South China Sea
For years, China has claimed sovereignty over the South China Sea — but a landmark decision today at the Hague ruled that Beijing has no legal basis to claim it.

Vincent van Gogh ear book
A British writer discovers a note from Vincent van Gogh's doctor — and learns the true extent to which the Dutch painter may have cut off his own ear.