As It Happens

As It Happens - Tuesday Edition

Tuesday, June 28th, 2016
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Part One

Landon Webb
A Nova Scotia man wins a five-year battle to be recognized as a competent adult -- and one of his first wishes is to deliver sugary treats to the people still inside the institution where he was once locked up.

Brexit: xenophobia
Since the Brexit vote, hate crimes and acts of racism spike across the UK -- and now concerned Brits are tracking the discrimination on a Facebook page.

Jack Daniels slave
On its 150th birthday, Jack Daniel's reveals its true origin story -- that Mr. Daniel didn't learn to make whiskey from a preacher, but from a man named Nearis (NEAR-iss) Green -- who was the preacher's slave. 

Part Two

MMIW: unresolved
Police found no foul play in the death of Tanya Hill -- but, as part of a new CBC investigation called "Unresolved: Case Closed or Murder", we'll find out why Tanya's mother still has questions about her daughter's death. 

Brexit: Scotland
His country overwhelmingly voted "Remain" -- and tonight, Alyn Smith talks about his speech to European Parliament, in which he earned a standing ovation for asking Europe not to "let Scotland down".