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Got a hankerin' for some slaw? Consult the 'Coleslaw Review' first

After realizing that coleslaw doesn't get the respect it deserves, a guy in Massachusetts set out to bring the side dish to new heights — by starting a coleslaw review site.
(Larry Crowe/AP)

Always a side dish, never a main course. The colours can range from beige to fluorescent. You can find it at your local Costco in industrial-sized containers. We're talking about coleslaw — a pigeonholed side dish — an afterthought relegated to a Styrofoam cup garnish.

We've been having some good coleslaw lately that would knock your socks off!- Ed Sanborn
Edward Sanborn created a coleslaw review page on Facebook with his partner, Lisa. (Facebook)

But Ed Sanborn says that coleslaw cannot be pigeonholed and he launched a Facebook page called "Coleslaw Review" with his partner Lisa, to prove it.

"I mean you've got your barbecue during the summer, you've got your steak on the barbecue, hamburgers, hotdogs, ear of corn and you have your coleslaw," Sanborn tells As It Happens host Carol Off. "It's not always something that people take a lot of time thinking about and I aim to change that because it's a great side dish."

Facebook page for Coleslaw Review. (Facebook)
Sanborn, a coleslaw connoisseur, started writing reviews with his girlfriend Lisa, to improve the reputation of the humble side dish and encourage others to try out new recipes.

"We've been having some good coleslaw lately that would knock your socks off," Sanborn explains. 

So far, Sanborn is partial to the Kentucky Fried Chicken house slaw. He admits he is "a vinegar man" but says he approaches each coleslaw with an open mind. He developed a handy list of criteria to judge each slaw he samples.

"We're treating all coleslaw reviews equally," Sanborn insists. "Everybody's recipe is a little different no matter where you go and we look forward to that."

Here's a question that stumped most of us here at As It Happens: Why do they call it "coleslaw"? You can find the answer here.

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