As It Happens

As It Happens, Tuesday Edition

Tuesday, April 26th, 2016

Part One

Philippines: Abu Sayyaf
After Canadian hostage John Ridsdel was killed this week at the hands of Abu Sayyaf militants, a Filipina reporter recalls her own abduction by the group. 

Wente plagiarism
Globe and Mail columnist Margaret Wente has in the past denied being a "serial plagiarist" — but new charges that she's lifted material sound suspiciously similar to previous accusations.

Zombie garden 
A Nashville man is disappointed when the homeowners' association asks him to change his front garden, just because there's a terrifying zombie emerging from under a shrub. 

Part Two

Bangladesh attack
Yet again, men armed with machetes and guns have brutally murdered an activist in Bangladesh — this time, the founder of the country's only LGBTQ magazine. 

Harper Lee article 
Harper Lee's biographer uncovers a previously unknown piece of journalism by the late author — although its subject matter will be familiar to anyone who's read Truman Capote's In Cold Blood

Part Three

Cycling ban
The International Cycling Union has just banned one cyclist for what's being called "mechanical doping."

Wow Signal
For nearly forty years, the so-called "Wow Signal" has gone unexplained. Now, one scientist thinks he knows what caused the blast of radio waves from space — and that it probably wasn't a long-distance call from aliens. 

Burmese band
Oklahoma prosecutors will return more than fifty-three thousand dollars seized from a Burmese Christian rock band, after police accused the group's manager of procuring it through drug dealing.