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Avril Lavigne and dolphins: the internet conspiracy you've been waiting for

The internet is convinced that Canadian pop rocker Avril Lavigne wrote a song about dolphins, even though no record of the song exists other than a ridiculous set of lyrics.

Did Avril Lavigne write a sentimental song about dolphins?

(Stephanie Hallett/FUSION)

Everyone loves dolphins. It's just a fact. They're cute super-geniuses that make funny noises and they're totally chill with humans who want to attach themselves to their shiny backs to swim around for their own enjoyment. Even though we're heavy and smell terrible.

Avril Lavigne probably loves dolphins, too. But — and this is important — she did not write a song about dolphins.

However, if you Google the word "dolphins" and the name Avril Lavigne, the Internet will tell you she did. Try it out.

A quick search shows countless lyrics websites with entries for Avril Lavigne "Dolphins." (Google)
"There are all these different lyrics sites," Ethan Chiel tells As It Happens host Carol Off. "A number of them pop up and offer nearly identical lyrics for this song that Avril never wrote or performed or, as far as I know, even knows exists."

Chiel is a reporter for Fusion News. Picking the story up from a Facebook group thread, he set out to find out why Lavigne is getting credit, or blame, for the Dolphins song she didn't write.

Here is the opening verse of Dolphins:

Dolphins Are You
Dolphins Are Me
Dolphins are everyone that includes you and me
They love swimming with people like you and me

Dolphins live in the ocean
Dolphins live in the sea
Dolphins live in nice clear blue sea
They are accompanied by a lot of sea animals

We love them
You love them
I love them
Who doesn't like them

Give me a D
Give me a O
Give me a L
Give me a P
Give me a H
Give me a I
Give me a N

Then put it all together and what does it spell

Singer songwriter Avril Lavigne performs in concert during the Q102 Jingle Ball at the Wells Fargo Center on Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2013, in Philadelphia. (Owen Sweeney/Invision/AP)

Chiel says he is trying to dig up evidence to link the song back to Lavigne, but currently has no substantial leads. He even contacted the website, LyricsMode, which he thinks may have been the first site to publish the lyrics back in 2007.

"I got in touch with their webmaster, who's a guy named Oleg, and he told me very tersely over e-mail that because no one registered when they put it up they have no idea who it is," Chiel explains.

There are a few examples of amateur covers of the song online, but Chiel says most of the performers are "in on the joke."

"I think it's definitely a mockery," Chiel insists. "It's not clear who is doing the mocking though."

Despite his efforts, Chiel has been unable to contact Lavigne. His thorough investigative journalism should be applauded but Chiel admits he has his own personal and ulterior motives.

"I would love to hear the Avril Lavigne version of Dolphins," Cheil concedes. "In my heart of hearts, what I hope for is for her to lend it some legitimacy."

In the meantime, this isn't Avril Lavigne with a song she didn't write about dolphins. Here's Corky and the Juice Pigs, with Dolphin Boy.