As It Happens

As It Happens, Tuesday Edition

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016

Part One

Cindy Blackstock 
The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal confirms that Ottawa discriminates against First Nations children on-reserve — by failing to provide them the same services children get everywhere else. 

Roy Dupuis: The Revenant
Quebec star Roy Dupuis is not a fan of the Oscar favourite "The Revenant" because of its portrayal of French Canadian coureurs des bois.  And he turned down a role in the film. 

Bernie ice cream
Ben of "Ben & Jerry's" explains why he made a new ice cream flavour in honour of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. 

Part Two

Planned Parenthood
Anti-abortion activists said their secret videos showed Planned Parenthood officials committing crimes — but a Texas grand jury indicted the activists instead. 

Paint drying film
To protest against the UK's film rating system, a British filmmaker makes a ten-hour-long movie of paint drying — and it still feels shorter than "Avatar". 

Part Three

Nova Scotia blogger
The small town of Bear River, Nova Scotia was relieved when a local gossip blog went offline — but rumours of the demise of its rumour-mongering were greatly exaggerated. 

Voles research
A new study shows that voles, the tiny rodents, are capable of showing empathy — which has implications beyond the adorable pictures of voles hugging each other.

Dolphins: Avril Lavigne
We speak to a reporter who tells us why the internet is convinced that Avril Lavigne wrote a song about dolphins — even thought she didn't.