As It Happens

As It Happens, Tuesday Edition

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

Part One

Australians kidnapped
An Australian couple provided invaluable medical care in northern Burkina Faso for 43 years — until Friday, when they were kidnapped by extremists. 

Postmedia cuts
Yesterday, Margo Goodhand was the editor-in-chief of the Edmonton Journal — but today, she has plenty of free time to talk to us, after Canada's largest newspaper chain cuts 90 jobs, including hers. 

House bugs
According to new research —  ants, and beetles, and spiders, and hundreds of other types of multi-legged creatures are part of one big, big, big  happy family — living in your house. With you. 

Part Two

Alberta economy
Alberta's economy was once a well-oiled machine. But now that oil prices are tanking, the machine is sputtering — so Wildrose Leader Brian Jean warns the province's NDP government needs to cut spending, and fast. 

Oscar boycott
The all-white list of Academy Award nominees for acting has people seeing red, yet again — and tonight, we'll get colour commentary from the woman who invented the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite. 

Part Three

New Brunswick mine closure
Winter just got colder for the town of Sussex, New Brunswick — because the closure of a potash mine means more than four hundred people are out of work. 

Yemen journalist killed
One journalist remained to report on the airstrikes in the capital of Yemen. His name was Almigdad Mojalli and this past weekend, his brave decision to stay in Sana'a cost him his life. 

Quebec cargo ship
NDP MP Anne Quach is calling on the federal government to take responsibility for an abandoned cargo ship because there's water contaminated crude oil on board that could harm the environment.