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As It Happens Tuesday Edition

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016
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Part One

Saudi deal: Clement
Opposition MP Tony Clement demands the Liberal government disclose the full human-rights report justifying the Saudi arms deal -- soon after his Conservative government, which negotiated that deal, refused to disclose the same thing. 

Badawi sister
The Saudi arms deal just got even tougher to defend -- now that human-rights activist Samar Badawi has been detained, joining her brother and her former husband in a Saudi prison. 

Bowie kid 
As an eleven-year-old boy, Seth Scholes got to play saxophone for the late David Bowie -- and tonight, he'll tell us how their backstage meeting changed his life. 

Part Two

Chronicle Herald
Halifax journalism school graduates are offered work at the city's newspaper -- with the tiny caveat that, if an expected work stoppage occurs, they'll be scabs. 

Canadian dollar 
It's a dark time for the Canadian dollar, and some warn the global markets are on the verge of what's called a "major correction" -- but one economist says we should lighten up. 

Part Three

Cologne culture
The New Year's Eve assaults in Cologne may suggest that some refugees are out of touch with Europe's sexual norms -- which is why one Norwegian company teaches courses on the subject. 

TRC: Manitoba cemetery
As a child, Katherine Nichols used to pass by Manitoba's former Brandon Indian Residential School every day -- without knowing what it was. Now, she's made it her mission to learn everything she can about the students who died there -- by investigating the school's cemetery.

Fear study
There is nothing to fear but fear itself -- which is awful, because fear is scary. But one Dutch scientist says she may even be able to cure your fear of fear. 

Powerball stats 
Your odds of building a time machine to find out the winning Powerball numbers are probably better than your odds of winning. But before you start building one, we'll find out for sure.