As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Tuesday, December 22nd 2015

Part One

Québec assisted dying
Quebec's Court of Appeal says doctors should now be free to help suffering patients die -- but one small-town physician says she'll wait to be sure she won't be accused of murder.   

Cheetah missing backstory
When a cheetah is seen strolling alongside a B.C. highway, most people recognize the weirdness of it -- but one Alberta zookeeper thinks she recognizes the big cat itself. 

Cambridge refugee carol
This year's concert by the boys' choir at Kings College Cambridge will feature a new carol about refugees -- and I'll speak with the Hungarian-born poet about his lyrics.

Part Two

Spanish lottery town
The Spanish lottery called El Gordo -- "The Fat One" -- is the biggest on Earth -- and somehow, sixteen hundred residents of a single seaside town have come up winners. 

Donna White reads Margaret Laurence's Upon a Midnight Clear
In Margaret Laurence's Christmas story, "Upon A Midnight Clear", the author reflects on the magic rituals of the holiday.

Part Three

As it Happened: Survivors 
The story of an unnamed goldfish saved by timely chest compressions -- and other survival stories -- make up tonight's edition of "As It Happened: The Archive Edition".