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As It Happens found Jonathan Torrens' long-lost Linden MacIntyre skit on 22 Minutes

For years, Carol Off has been trying to track down an impression that actor Jonathan Torrens did more than a decade ago of her husband and former fifth estate host, Linden MacIntyre. After several phone calls and hours of sifting through tape, we eventually found the clip — and it was well worth the wait.
Actor Jonathan Torrens did an impression of former fifth estate host Linden MacIntyre on This Hour Has 22 Minutes, in 2002. In the episode, MacIntyre, played by Torrens, publishes a book of poetry to investigate his own soul.

Last week on As It Happens, we interviewed actor Jonathan Torrens, known for his roles in TV shows like Trailer Park Boys and Mr. D. Host Carol Off was asking him about his plan to offer free flights to Nova Scotia film workers hurt by cuts to the province's film industry.

But, before the interview officially began, Carol Off and Torrens were doing the usual banter while we tested for sound levels and other stuff. That's when she had one burning question for Torrens. It was about her husband, Linden MacIntyre. Here's how it went:

That was Torrens' recollection of why he thinks a long-lost episode of This Hour Has 22 Minutes was pulled off the air and never to be seen again.

After that exchange, we figured the skit would likely never see the light of day. But here at As It Happens, we're always up for a challenge. And so, we set out to track down this elusive Linden MacIntyre impression.

And elusive it proved to be. Several phone calls were made to several different people. There were conflicting accounts of when the skit was filmed. And, mysteriously, the physical record of the episode in question was missing from CBC Toronto's archives.

Finally, after some archive sleuthing and helping hands in Halifax, we finally tracked it down.

But before you watch that clip, listen to what the real Linden MacIntyre sounds like, for reference. Here he is, being all inquisitive back in 1994, when he guest hosted As It Happens

A strange question, we know. The interview was about a sleeping study - something about nodding off alone vs with someone at your side. 

Now, here it is. This is Torrens' impression of MacIntyre on This Hour Has 22 Minutes back in October 2002:

Thanks to our investigation, 22 Minutes' "A Soul Under Investigation" can now see the light of day. 

And, just for kicks, here's another blast from the past. The real Linden MacIntyre on 22 Minutes after Toronto's 2007 winter storm:


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