As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Tuesday, November 17th 2015

Part One

Paris: French ambassador
After the attacks in Paris, France's ambassador to Canada tells us his country will show no mercy in its bombing campaign in Syria. 

Domestic violence: MLA
An Alberta politician tells her harrowing story of domestic abuse -- in hope that a proposed law will save other women from the terror she suffered. 

Tears of joy emoji 
Oxford Dictionaries has named an adorable cartoon face crying tears of joy -- an emoji  -- its Word of the Year for 2015. 

Part Two

Toronto attack
Toronto police say an attack on a Muslim woman picking up her son from school is a possible hate crime -- and her brother tells us she'll never recover from the trauma. 

Pub flood
Sure, the patio was flooded -- but to the British pub owners who sat down waist-deep in the frigid water beside their pints, that was beside the point. 

Part Three

Paris: Omar El Akkid
By retracting our helping hands, we're playing right into their hands. Globe and Mail reporter Omar el Akkad elaborates on his column, in which he says the backlash against Syrian refugees is exactly what ISIS wants. 

Refugees arrive in Scotland
Fuad Alakbarov is dedicated to helping the new arrivals in Glasgow, as Scotland welcomes the first of a thousand refugees due to arrive in the U.K. before Christmas. 

Climate change campaigner 
Friday's attacks in Paris have thrown environmental activists' plans to protest the upcoming COP21 climate summit into question -- plans that were months in the making. Eros Sana is a French organizer for the climate change organization