As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Tuesday, October 13th 2015

Part One

Duff Conacher
If there's no majority after the election, the Governor General can decide who will govern -- so Democracy Watch's Duff Conacher wants David Johnston to agree to some ground rules.

Playboy quits nudes
Unable to compete with the explosion of epidermis on the Internet, Playboy Magazine announces it will no longer feature pictures of naked women. 

Renoir's great-great granddaughter 
Our guest argues that recent critics of the Impressionist painter Renoir secretly love his work -- and she's not just saying that because she's Renoir's great-great-granddaughter. 
Part Two

Mohamed Fahmy
Now that he's home in Canada, Mohamed Fahmy has some advice for whoever forms the next government, on how to help Canadians detained abroad.

Lion dissection
Despite an international outcry, a Danish zoo has made its decision about a lion that was once one of its attractions: it's going to conduct a public dissection. 

Coral bleaching
A global coral-bleaching crisis is under way -- and while they've happened before, experts warn that this time may be different. As in worse.

Part Three

Kelly Gruber
​He was once voted the most eligible bachelor in Toronto. More important, he was on the Blue Jays team that won the 1992 World Series. Now, Kelly Gruber lives in Texas -- but he'll tell us why his sympathies still lie north of the border.

Crows shot
Last Friday morning, workers at the Medicine River Wildlife Centre in central Alberta found eight dead and dying birds in their cages. Someone had broken into the building to shoot and kill the six crows and two ravens. 

Iran convicts journalist
The details are sketchy -- and as far as Ali Rezaian is concerned, so is the whole case. His brother Jason is the Washington Post reporter who's in prison in Iran -- although no one's sure exactly what he's been convicted of.