As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Tuesday, October 6th 2015

Part One

Trans-Pacific Partnership: Ed Fast
Despite the concerns of organized labour, Trade Minister Ed Fast says the Trans-Pacific Partnership is a good deal -- and Canada will rise to the challenge.

Former bear hunter
A BC hunter spent ten years trying to get a special license to hunt a grizzly bear -- and tonight, he'll tell us why he's giving that license up. 

Renoir hater
They say Renoir's art isn't timeless, it's more like the kitsch of the day -- and a small but devoted group of protesters are demanding the Impressionist's work be replaced by real art. 

Part Two

AC-130 profile
The U.S. takes responsibility for the airstrike that killed civilians and destroyed a hospital in Afghanistan -- and our guest blames lax rules regarding the particular plane involved. 

Not ISIS studio
The owner of a Toronto photography studio tells us about being forced to rebrand his business, after its once-innocent name -- "ISIS Studio" -- developed bad connotations. 

Part Three

Nobel winner
Before Canadian physicist Arthur McDonald's work, we all believed neutrinos had no mass. Well, those of us who knew what neutrinos were, anyway. And for that discovery -- and several others he'll explain to us -- Mr. McDonald has won the Nobel Prize in Physics. 

Mind's eye research
Turns out the ability to conjure a mental image of something shouldn't be taken for granted. The scientist who discovered the condition of lacking a "mind's eye",and a man who has the condition, describe what it's like to live with "aphantasia".

Pompeii scans
They are the famous ash-covered figures of Pompeii -- preserved in death poses by the volcanic eruption that destroyed the city in 79 AD. Now, for the first time, scientists have been able to peer inside the remains using CT scanners.