As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Tuesday, September 1st 2015

Part One

Arar charges
A Syrian officer didn't just supervise the torture of Maher Arar, he took an active role in it -- and now, more than ten years later, the RCMP have finally laid charges. 

Hungary train station
There are protests in Budapest when refugees are forbidden to enter the main train station -- preventing them from leaving a city that does not want them.  

Longest cucumber
As the monstrous caterpillar becomes the freakishly huge butterfly, so will a B.C. man's enormous cucumber become the world's largest pickle. 

Part Two

Australia refugee report
An Australian pediatrician risks his job to blow the whistle on child abuse at a detention centre for refugees on a remote Pacific Island -- and now, a parliamentary inquiry supports his accusations. 

Giant scorpion
It's been half a billion years since a giant sea scorpion with dozens of clawed limbs scuttled across the floors of silent seas -- and that doesn't feel long enough.