As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Part One

Hunted lion follow-up
A Minnesota dentist insists he didn't know what he was doing when he lured Cecil the lion to his death. But Zimbabwean authorities want to see him in court, nonetheless. 

Ponzi verdict
Gary Sorenson and Milowe Brost get 12 years for their huge Ponzi scheme but their victims say that what they took was much more than cash.

Athlete decision
Sports highest court says Indian sprinter Dutee Chand should be free to run, after she was barred from competition because of her naturally high testosterone.

Part Two

Killer robots
A coalition of artificial intelligence experts calls on governments around the world to stop developing deadly robots that can think for themselves. 

Gadhafi death sentence
A Libyan court sentences Saif Gadhafi to death. But a lawyer for the dictator's son says he's been condemned by a kangaroo court representing only one of Libya's two rival factions.