As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Part One

South Carolina KKK rally
The KKK plans to gather in support of the Confederate flag outside the South Carolina state house next month -- and black community leaders support the Klan's right to do so. 

Harvard transgender swimmer
When an openly transgender swimmer is offered a spot on the Harvard men's team, he makes history -- and thanks to sympathetic coaches, the announcement barely makes a splash. 

Lightning strikes hiker and his dog
A storm comes up while a Colorado man is hiking with his friends -- and now, Jonathan Hardman believes he only survived a lightning strike because his dog took the brunt of it. 

Part Two

Blaze 47
Gun enthusiasts are furious when the RCMP bans a rifle called the "Blaze 47" -- which shoots like a standard .22, but looks like an AK-47. 

Peregrine falcon conservationist
Conservationist Mark Nash rescued three endangered falcon fledglings and returned them to their home, atop the home of the Blue Jays -- Toronto's Roger's Centre.

Katy Perry nun
Katy Perry wants to buy a Los Angeles convent, and the local archdiocese wants to sell it to her -- but the nuns want none of it.