As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Part One

Senate: Auditor General Michael Ferguson
It's not just drafty in the Senate -- it's overdrafty. The Auditor General's full report shows that dozens of Senators are blowing through money like it's going out of style -- behaviour that, according to Michael Ferguson, should itself be going out of style.

Yemen drone strike
The U.S. has apologized for killing two Westerners in a drone strike -- but the families of two Yemeni men are forced to sue, in the hopes of hearing anyone say they're sorry.

FIFA: Cayman Islands
You won't find the editor of a Cayman Islands newspaper at his desk tomorrow: he's fled the country after he's accused of treason for an op-ed about a local FIFA official. 

Part Two

Edmonton police shooting
Edmonton police go to a house to serve an arrest warrant -- and when a man opens fire, thirty-five-year-old Constable Daniel Woodall is killed. 

Graffiti seniors
In Portugal, the new school of graffiti artists are pretty old school -- thanks to a new program that involves senior citizens in street art.   

Part Three

Nuclear waste update
The Environment Minister decides to delay her decision on whether to build a repository for nuclear waste in Ontario -- to the frustration of people who support and  who denounce the plan. 

Cindy Blackstock
A human-rights tribunal awards First Nations activist Cindy Blackstock twenty thousand dollars -- after it finds a Department of Aboriginal Affairs staffer retaliated against her in a "wilful and reckless" way. 


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