As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Part One

Truth & Reconciliation report released
After six years and nearly 7,000 witnesses, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission presents its findings.

Orthodox women drivers
  A British journalist is among those sounding the horn about an ultra-orthodox Jewish sect that bans women from driving -- and turns away kids dropped off at school by their mothers. 

Part Two

Jacques Parizeau obit: Jean Charest
In 1995 Jean Charest squared off against Mr. Parizeau. Mr. Charest was the deputy chair of the "No" campaign during the second sovereignty referendum. 

Jacques Parizeau obit: Louise Beaudoin
Carol speaks with Louise Beaudoin, who fought for sovereignty alongside Mr. Parizeau in 1995, and Jean Charest, who fought against it. 

Part Three

China boat sinks
A cruise down the mythic Yangtze River is a favourite tourist activity for Chinese travellers. But after a storm last night, one such cruise went from leisurely to deadly. And today, more than four-hundred passengers are still missing. 

Bangladesh blogger
In Bangladesh, self-expression has come to require self-protection -- if you're a blogger who's critical of religious fundamentalism. Blogger Ananya Azad discusses the threats that prompted him to wear a helmet wherever he goes. 

South Africa slave ship
Items found on a ship that sunk off-the-coast of South Africa in the late 18th century confirm what it actually was: a Portuguese slave ship.