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Miss World Canada Anastasia Lin says - despite threats - she'll keep pushing for human rights in China

Miss World Canada Anastasia Lin is a vocal critic of China's human rights record. She won't stop speaking out, even after her father - who still lives in China - received some thinly veiled threats for her to be quiet.
Miss World Canada's Anastasia Lin. (Pierre Gautreau/Facebook)

Anastasia Lin says her strong stance on human rights in China is part of the reason she won the Miss World Canada competition.

The Chinese-Canadian student and activist has been a vocal critic of China for its persecution of religious minorities. But now, Lin has received word that her father -- who still lives in China -- was visited by Chinese security officers.

She says it was a thinly veiled threat to try to silence her. She says it won't work. 

Lin tells As It Happens co-host Carol Off, "I think the best way to protect my father at this point is to continue speaking out about it; to raise awareness about the issue and hopefully they will back away."


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