As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Part One

Airbag recall
The recall will affect 34 million vehicles -- but as we'll hear, the defective airbags that blast shrapnel when deployed have already affected dozens of drivers, and killed six people. 

Waco, Texas biker fight
After the deadly shootout between biker gangs at a Texas restaurant, an American ATF agent who spent two years undercover tells us what's likely to happen next. 

All-male panel website creator
A Finnish woman doesn't want to hear it: she's started a website to expose the ridiculous number of panel discussions led by and exclusively featuring men. 

Part Two

Eritrean refugees
The refugee camp burned. Then she was told her mother was dead. But five years after an Eritrean woman was separated from her family, there's a joyous reunion in St. John's. 

Doctorate awarded 77 years late
Dr. Ingeborg Rapaport submitted her doctoral thesis in 1938. And thanks to a dean at the University of Hamburg, she was able to defend it last week -- and finally earn her doctorate, at the age of 102. 

Part Three

Egypt sex assaults
Egypt's military has a simple, effective strategy for silencing opposition: sexual violence. A new report provides harrowing details of the surge in sexual assaults since President el-Sisi's government took over. 

Old water bomber
When a Port Alberni man sets out to sell a 70-year-old waterbomber plane to an American museum, Canadian Heritage puts the deal in limbo deeming the plane the "cultural property" of Canada.

Qatar BBC arrest
They were invited to look at the new accommodations for migrant workers preparing for the World Cup in Qatar. They looked at those accommodations. Then they looked at something else. And for that, several BBC journalists were arrested.