As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Part One

Ontario sex-ed curriculum supporter
In stark contrast to our guest last night, Rabea Murtaza is a staunch proponent of Ontario's new sex-education curriculum -- so much so that she's started a campaign to support it. 

Rohingya migrant
The discovery of thirty bodies at a human-trafficking camp confirms the extent of the persecution and abuse of Rohingya Muslims in Thailand and Burma. 

Sudoku-solving program
The Prime Minister of Singapore is a real puzzler. But what's clear -- as crossword guru Will Shortz will explain -- is that the Singaporean PM has somehow created a program to save you time by solving your Sudoku puzzle. 

Part Two

Kahnawake follow-up
A spokesperson for the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake condemns the threats faced by one couple -- but defends the rule demanding that mixed couple be evicted from the community

Church noise complaints
A Vermont woman has some serious problems with a neighbour who won't stop blaring tinny, bad-quality MP3's -- problems complicated by the fact that the neighbour is a church. 

Part Three

Ovarian cancer study
It's hard to diagnose.  Now, a new blood test could help doctors detect ovarian cancer earlier-- and therefore start treating it sooner. 

Volunteer jurors
Temporary changes to Ontario Coroner's Act regulations will allow for more First Nations representation in jury pools for northern Ontario coroner's inquests.

Bagpipe ban
a crackdown on busking in London seems to be targeting one group, fairly or unfairly: bagpipers. A piper argues for common sense and common courtesy when it comes to the playing of the pipes in public.