As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Part One

Budget: NDP Finance Critic Nathan Cullen/Liberal Finance Critic Scott Brison
In their pre-election budget, the Conservatives hope to boost their support with tax cuts for small businesses, seniors, and families -- plus balanced books. The NDP and the Liberals say the government's tax breaks and obsession with the bottom line favour the rich and come at a high cost to everyone else.

Ball hockey championships
The goalie for Ireland's ball hockey team is Canadian -- but then again, so is every other player wearing the shamrock uniform at the upcoming World Championship. 

Part Two

Budget: Minister of State for Finance Kevin Sorensen
Minister of State for Finance Kevin Sorensen responds to some of the criticism leveled earlier in the show by the NDP and Liberal finance critics.

Chimps granted habeas corpus
As far as the activists with the Non-Human Rights Project are concerned, a judge's decision yesterday gives two chimpanzees the same rights as people. 

Part Three

Missouri mayor
She's outgoing -- but so is most of her staff. The town of Parma, Missouri, elects a black woman as mayor for the first time. But her triumph is short-lived, as half of the town's employees have resigned since she was voted in. 

Senate appointment lawyer
Mike Duffy isn't exactly an advertisement for packing the Senate. But a Vancouver lawyer believes Stephen Harper has waited long enough to fill vacancies in the Red Chamber -- so he's going to court. 

South Africa journalists: Mozambique
A South African reporter who documented a brutal attack over the weekend on a foreign national from Mozambique recounts his futile attempt to save the man's life.