As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Part One

Indiana Religious Rights Law
Indiana's governor says the state will fix its controversial religious freedom law but our guest is one of many who say it's discriminatory and irreparable. 

Spontaneous Dancing Ban in Sweden
Sweden has upheld its ban on spontaneous dancing. 

Part Two

Medical Hierarchy
A disturbing study reveals that medical residents will obey doctors' orders even when those orders cross ethical lines. 

Blame the Moon Study
An American scientist has roundly dismissed all claims that the full moon affects our behaviour. 
Part Three

Nigeria Election
Muhammadu Buhari is running Nigeria again. The former military leader is the country's new president. 

From Our Archives: Woman Sues Ontario Police Force
Back in December, we spoke with Tonie Farrell, who is now disabled after her confrontation with Ontario Provincial Police Sergeant Russell Watson. This happened after she had stopped to help an assault victim in Orillia, Ontario. Now, Ms. Farrell has filed a four-million-dollarlawsuit against the OPP. We play an excerpt from that conversation.

Migrant Rescue Film
Carlos Spottorno is a photojournalist. His short documentary called "At The Gates Of Europe" about migrants making their way from Africa to Europe has been selected for a "World Press Photo" award.