As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Part One

Conservative MP Larry Miller on the niqab
Conservative MP Larry Miller apologizes for telling radio listeners that anyone who wears the niqab during a citizenship ceremony should "stay the hell where you came from". 

Niqab wearer
As debate over the niqab heats up in Canada, one woman explains why she covers her face-- and what life is like for her nowadays.   

Newfoundland dance win
He's won bigger battles. But for Newfoundlander Cassidy Little -- who lost a leg in Afghanistan -- winning a British TV dancing competition required a different kind of courage. 

Part Two

Remote community guns
The head of Canada's National Firearms Association agrees whole-heartedly with recent comments by the Prime Minister -- who said that rural Canadians need guns for their own safety.

Robert Durst arrested
Millionaire Robert Durst is arrested after seemingly confessing to murder on a live mic during the filming of a documentary; I'll speak with the detective who's long wanted to see him in prison. 

Part Three

Israel election: Meretz
At this point, the Israeli election is looking like a split decision. And if the exit polls are right, voters are split between left and right. We speak with a member of the left-leaning Meretz party who's running to win back her seat in the Knesset.

Erin O'Toole
After fighting over benefits with the federal government for years, veterans are finally seeing some changes. Veterans Affairs Minister Erin O'Toole explains the new initiatives.

No shadow tower
Architects in Britain come up with a skyscraper that will be a shining example for cities around the world -- because it will light things up instead of casting a shadow.