As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Tuesday, March 10, 2015
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Part One

Langridge Report
Seven years after her son took his life on an Edmonton military base, Sheila Fynes gets confirmation that the military mishandled his death, and confirmation it won't do much about it. 

Marina Litvinenko
Marina Litvinenko's husband Alexander died after being poisoned -- so she's furious that Russian President Vladimir Putin has given a medal to the man suspected of doing the poisoning. 

Tonya & Nancy Museum
They were compulsory figures in the world of compulsory figures. Now, Nancy Kerrigan and her nemesis Tonya Harding are the twin subjects of a New York museum -- in the hallway of a Brooklyn apartment. 

Part Two

Kenney tweets
Defence Minister Jason Kenney uses Twitter to make a point about women's rights, but critics say the photo and tweet don't just miss the point -- they're pointlessly misleading.  

Sierra Leone athlete
How a talented sprinter from Sierra Leone went to the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow -- and wound up homeless on the streets of London, facing deportation. 

Part Three

France helicopter crash
A close friend and French team mate of Camille Muffat shares her memories of the Olympic champion swimmer -- one of three athletes killed along with seven other people in a helicopter crash in Argentina yesterday.

Florida enviro whistleblower
You'd hope the Florida Department of Environmental Protection would protect the environment. But whistleblowers say the climate there was inhospitable -- because they were prohibited from referring to "climate change" or "global warming".

Powerlifter records
There's no guarantee that Josh Hancott will lift your spirits -- but if you sit in a Volkswagen holding anvils, he could almost definitely lift that.