As It Happens

As it Happens: Tuesday Edition

As it Happens: March 3, 2015

Part One

"Jihadi John" tape
The ISIS member previously known as "Jihadi John" has been unmasked -- and recordings reveal that he's changed a lot over the years. 

"Free range" parents
Two "free range parents" in Maryland are investigated for letting their kids walk home unaccompanied -- and now, the state has issued its bewildering verdict. 

Timmins Kellogg's
A family in Timmins, Ontario is bowled over to find a message tucked into their Frosted Flakes -- revealing it's the last box ever produced in Canada. 

Part Two

Netanyahu speech: Iranian
In a fiery speech to the U.S. Congress, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu denounces high-level negotiations with Iran -- but President Obama says that's just hot air.

Prison Music Project
Canadian singer-songwriter Zoe Boekbinder teams up with inmates of a California maximum-security penitentiary, to make an album that unlocks their musical potential.

Part Three

Tikrit clashes
The Prime Minister of Iraq says it's "zero hour" for Tikrit: the Iraqi army has begun a no-holds-barred attempt to take the city back from ISIS. But the aftermath will be as complex as the military operation.  

Artist tuition
Short of the money he needs for school, an art student and his mother come up with a plan called "Will Paint For Tuition".

Houston rape kits
The city of Houston announces it's finally tested a huge backlog of thousands of rape-kits, containing DNA evidence of sexual assaults. And as a result, it has laid new charges against accused perpetrators.