As It Happens

As it Happens: Tuesday Edition

As it Happens: February 24, 2015

Part One

Chicago 'black site'
It's a secret interrogation site where suspects have no access to lawyers or loved ones -- but it's not run by the CIA, it's run by the Chicago Police Department. 

Mysterious Toronto tunnel: civil engineer
We did some digging on that mysterious, elaborate bunker, or tunnel, or "bunnel", discovered in Toronto -- and an expert will fill us in. 

Manatee rescue
Time and tide wait for no manatee. With the clock ticking, humans in Florida step in to save 19 manatees lodged in a drainage pipe. 

Part Two

Chewing tobacco Big League ban?
A California politician thinks kids are being influenced by baseball players who chew tobacco -- so he wants to ban the snuff from the state's big-league stadiums. 

Not plaster fossil
A British paleontologist discovers that what everyone thought was a near-perfect plaster replica of a fossil is actually perfect, because it's not a replica. 

Part Three

World Cup: latest
When FIFA granted the 2022 World Cup to Qatar, everyone complained that it would be too hot to play, or even to watch. FIFA didn't agree. Now, it does -- but its plan to shift the Cup to the winter season has everyone complaining once again.

Press Gallery: McGregor
Ottawa Citizen reporter Glen McGregor says a Press Gallery proposal to pull press passes from journalists following misconduct complaints could give politicians one more way to avoid answering questions.