As It Happens

As It Happens: Thursday Full Episode

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Part One

Migrants: 'tender age' facility
While the Trump Administration struggles to clarify its border policy, young children are still being held at so-called "tender age facilities". 

Breastfeeding cabinet minister
This week, cabinet minister Karina Gould got a round of applause for breastfeeding her son in the House — and she wants that to be commonplace outside that Commons place. 

Hadrian's Wall
The future looks rocky for the Roman emperor's legendary wall — because treasure hunters with metal detectors really dig it, and are really digging up artifacts around it. 

Part Two

World Cup: Iran
Iranian soccer fan Tara Sepehri Far just watched the national team play at the World Cup in Russia. And she's hoping to watch some soccer in a stadium back home sometime soon. It's just that she's not allowed to right now — because she's a woman. 

Human remains in artifacts box
Canada's Inuit organization is grateful that someone chose to return a box of artifacts — but deeply disturbed that the box also contained a human jawbone. 

Part Three

Health minister resignation
The mayor of Kuujjuaq in Northern Quebec calls for the province's Health Minister to quit — after he turns a question about families being med-evac'ed from remote communities into a prediction about intoxicated parents being removed from flights.

Twelve-year-old basketball player
Olivier Rioux has become an Internet phenomenon in pretty short order. Because he's tall. Like, six-foot-eleven tall.