As It Happens

As It Happens: Thursday Full Episode

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Episode transcript

Part One

U.S. tariffs: Freeland
Canada's Foreign Minister says she is disappointed and insulted but ready to retaliate after US President Trump slaps tariffs on imports of Canadian aluminum and steel.

U.S. tariffs: Pennsylvania steel worker 
Donald Trump never shied away from threatening Canadian steel jobs. Bob Dyky is a retired steel worker in the Pennsylvania rustbelt, and he is not pleased. 

Hate mail orchestra
A Swedish tenor transforms homophobic hate mail into a piece of music with a message about love's power to overcome. 

Part Two

IUD birth control
The Canadian Paediatric Society says that after years of medical improvements it's now recommending the IUD as the best choice of birth control for teens.

Trevor the Dog
They thought that Trevor just over-ate. Then the daschund swelled up to twice his size. Now they know the wiener dog was expanding with every breath. 

Part Three

Newfoundland whale carcass
On the shores of a small community in Northern Newfoundland, a long-dead humpback whale is beginning to defrost -- and residents are raising a stink about getting it taken away before it raises a stink. 

Car crash threat
Sackville, New Brunswick resident Mary Fawcett describes how she had her car stolen after stopping to help at the scene of a collision.

Las Vegas Golden Knights bettor
Back in October, some visionaries bet the Las Vegas Golden Knights would win the Stanley Cup in their very first season. Shannon Yellandwas one of those people -- and if that team beats the odds, and beats the Washington Capitals, her weird bet will be handsomely rewarded.