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As It Happens: Thursday Full Episode

Thursday, May, 17, 2018

Full Episode Transcript

Part One

Nazi podcaster
In Thunder Bay, a man named Thomas White served fancy espresso to happy customers -- but according to Vice journalists, he served hatred and racism on the neo-Nazi podcast he hosted.

Water Study
After studying the movement of water, snow, and ice around the planet, scientists at NASA reach a draining conclusion: human activity is changing the natural flow of things. 

WWI-era artillery shell
Someone in London, Ontario left a 100-year-old live artillery shell out with their trash, where Danny Vellow stumbled upon it -- and now, he's a man on a munition. 

Part Two

'Golden arm' blood donor
An 81-year-old lifelong blood donor in Australia gives his final donation -- and because of a rare antibody, doctors estimate he's saved more than two million lives. 

Tommy's Barber Shop
A national barbershop chain files a cease-and-desist against the owner of a small Nova Scotia hair salon -- but, as Thong Luong explains, he's going to keep giving fades, and not fade away. 

Part Three

Former Israel Defence Force soldier
Former IDF paratrooper and sergeant Avner Gvaryahu offers his perspective on why Israeli soldiers shot so many Palestinians on Monday -- and whether it was justified. 

New Rembrandt 
A portrait of a luxuriously clad young man with an exquisitely puffy coiffure istrès elegant  on its own -- but even more so now that art dealer and author Jan Six believes it's actually a Rembrandt. 

Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) mystery
CFCs have been banned for 30 years. But climate detectives have discovered that, somewhere in Asia, someone is spewing the ozone-killing compounds into the atmosphere -- and they're on the hunt for the culprit. Stephen Montzka is a scientist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.