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As It Happens: Thursday Full Episode

Thursday, May 3, 2018

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Part One

Zeiger investigation
Thanks to a tip, and some intrepid student journalists, a major, mysterious neo-Nazi organizer may have been unmasked — and he may live in Montreal. 

Erin Weir expelled from NDP caucus
The NDP boots Saskatchewan MP Erin Weir out of caucus after a harassment investigation — but Mr. Weir tells us that's a "huge overreaction" on the party's part. 

Car Rock-Paper-Scissors
Instead of honking at a driver trying to cut in front of him, Marco Sanchez challenged that driver to a game of rock-paper-scissors — and a video of that encounter is getting a lot of traffic. 

Part Two

UBC tax professor
A University of British Columbia professor is getting complaints from outside the school for advocating property-tax issues — but Tom Davidoff won't follow the advice to, quote, "keep his mouth shut". 

NFL cheerleader
A former NFL cheerleader files a complaint against the New Orleans Saints, saying the team's rules for her were much harsher than they are for players. 

Part Three

Hawaii sunscreen ban
In Hawaii, you will no longer allowed to apply some skin-protection products — if they're deemed to harm reefs or marine life when a new bill makes it into law. Hawaii State Senator Mike Gabbard introduced the legislation.

UK tax havens
The U.K. is set to impose new rules that will force those territories to adopt public registers of company ownership by 2020. And the territories aren't happy about it.

Hobby Lobby artifacts
Ancient Iraqi artifacts are on their way back home, after a brief detour into the hands of an American Evangelical arts-and-crafts store, Hobby Lobby.