As It Happens: Thursday Full Episode

Thursday, April 19, 2018
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Part One

Christine Girard Olympic Gold
She came in third in her event at the 2012 Olympics — but after two athletes tested positive for steroids, bronze has turned to gold for Canadian weightlifter Christine Girard.

Lego Titanic
A 15 year-old with autism has taken his 7-metre-long Lego replica of the Titanic from Iceland to the U.S. He shares how that model has changed his life. 

Part Two

Supreme Court of Canada: beer & border ruling
After he was charged for taking a dozen two-fours of beer across provincial borders, a New Brunswick man fought the law all the way to the top. He says today's Supreme Court decision was a cold one. 

Snail ballet
They can't do a jeté, and any pirouette will be slimy and accidental — but our guest still hopes the audience will be enthralled by this weekend's six-hour "ballet" performed by 176 snails. 

Part Three

Train full of New Yorkers' poo finally departs Alabama town
More than 100 tractor-trailer sized containers of sludge that was left to rot in Parrish, Ala., for 2 months has finally been emptied.

Iran professor: son
Months after a Canadian-Iranian professor ended up dead in Evin Prison, his widow is stuck in limbo in Tehran — and her sons are pleading with authorities to help her return to Canada. 

Right whale rescue
"Kleenex" is a rare female right whale — but for years now, she's been wrapped up in ropes. So when she was spotted, a team braved the high seas to take a shot at helping free her.