As It Happens

As It Happens: Thursday Full Episode

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Full Episode Transcript

Part One

Climate change map
With a new interactive map of Canada, scientists are providing a disturbingly clear picture of how, exactly, climate change will affect the country — and those of us who live here. 

Sinclair Broadcast producer quits
When the wealthy execs with the right-wing Sinclair Broadcast Group force their news anchors to read a script discrediting "fake news", one producer decides they've discredited themselves — and quits. 

Seagull pepperoni guy
The meat was cured. But his reputation was ruined. Now, 17 years after an alarming incident involving pepperoni and seagulls got him banned from a Victoria hotel, Nick Burchillhas been forgiven.

Part Two

Seniors robbery
He would strike up a friendship with his victims, then drug them and rob their homes — and now, a man who targeted seniors in Quebec and Ontario is under arrest. 

Motorcade bird-flipping cyclist firing
She did it to flip off the Presidential motorcade. Now, Juli Briskman is suing the government contractor who fired her for a gesture that was apparently considered out of hand. 

Walden Pond polluted
A new study finds that Henry David Thoreau's famous Walden Pond is now polluted — thanks to pilgrims relieving their bladders in its once-pristine waters. 

Part Three

Oklahoma teacher
For the fourth straight day, Oklahoma teachers are staging a state-wide walkout. Because, among other things, funding for education is so low that some schools can't afford to keep the lights on five days a week. 

Guinness Book balloon artist 
Surrey B.C.-based balloon artist is a world record holder — along with other balloon artists who got together to make a whole zoo out of balloons.