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As It Happens: Thursday Full Episode

Thursday, March 22, 2018

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Part One

Manitoba Hydro
Manitoba Hydro board members resign after the premier vetoes a huge payment to the Métis Federation for a project — and the Federation president says Brian Pallister is playing racial politics. 

Newfoundland Dolphins Rescued
After a group effort by residents of Heart's Delight, Newfoundland, a pod of dolphins trapped in ice yesterday are swimming free today. 

Bowmanville Trash
When two Ontario men stumble on dozens of bags of garbage someone dumped, they do some junk science — and return all the trash to the person who'd chucked it. 

Part Two

London Pastor
A minister in London, Ontario is convicted and fined for illegally employing temporary foreign workers — but he says, in a way, giving them  jobs was just doing his own. 

Young Adult Author Revisions
When a young adult author's first novel is criticized for racism, her publisher destroys every copy — because she decides the right thing is to rewrite the thing. 

Part Three

Killer Whale Baby
A researcher in BC describes a never-before-seen phenomenon he probably hopes he never sees again: a group of orcas killing a young relative. 

Philadelphia Underground Railroad
William Still helped hundreds of African-American slaves escape to freedom. But the Philadelphia house where he sheltered fugitives was thought to be gone. Well, it's not. And we'll talk to one of the local historians who helped track it down. 

Los Angeles Asphalt 
If you find your city hot, it's sometimes asphalt's fault. So Los Angeles is trying a novel pilot project to cool things down: it's coating the streets in a light grey paint that reflects the California sun.