As It Happens

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Dec. 2, 2021

Episode Transcript

Part One

Newfoundland conversion therapy
After the House of Commons adopts a bill to ban conversion therapy, we'll talk to a former minister — who says she's deeply ashamed that she used the practice on her children. 

White whale filmed
When a Dutch whale rescuer's husband claimed to have seen a white whale, she thought he might be spouting nonsense — but the footage he captured really blowholed her away. 

Johnny May Kuujjuaq candy drop
For 55 years, a pilot in northern Quebec has delighted one community at Christmas by performing the Great Northern Candy Drop — but this year, Johnny May tells us he may not. 

Part Two

Canada COVID deer
COVID-19 has been discovered in three Canadian deer — which seems to mean nothing to them, but may mean something in terms of our ability to wipe the virus out. 

Space junk visibility increasing
A Saskatchewan astronomer says governments aren't doing enough to prevent satellites from cluttering up space — and it's creating a constellation of problems. 

Part Three

Comet Leonard
 An Arizona astronomer gives us tips on how to get a glimpse of Comet Leonard this month. And that astronomer is Mr. Leonard himself — who discovered the icy, celestial body. 

Colorado snowmelt guy 
After moving by himself to an abandoned town high in the mountains in Colorado, Billy Barr started tracking the weather and snowfall to keep busy. Nearly 50 years later, he's amassed a giant data set that paints a picture of climate change in action.