As It Happens

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Oct. 21, 2021

Episode Transcript

Part One

Saskatchewan COVID transfers
In Saskatchewan, hospitals are at a breaking point with COVID patients — and an intensive care physician says the province needs to start transferring dozens of patients to Ontario to keep up. 

New York pig kidney transplant
After decades of struggle, doctors achieve a scientific breakthrough — taking a kidney from a genetically-modified pig, and successfully attaching it to a human patient.

Martha Henry obit
Ontario's Stratford Festival — and theatre lovers across Canada — are in mourning after the death of the great Martha Henry; Colm Feore tells us what her mentoring meant to him. 

Part Two

NFL race-norming document
A former NFLer tells us the league spent years evaluating Black retirees' compensation claims differently from their white peers — based on the racist assumption that they had lower cognitive function to begin with. 

Lancet COP26
A group of respected doctors and health experts say that climate change will soon be a much greater risk to your health than COVID — and if action isn't taken soon, millions of lives are at risk. 

Part Three

World vaccines
A coalition of organizations releases a new report called "A Dose of Reality" — which accuses rich nations, including Canada, of not doing their part to reduce the vaccine inequality gap. 

Iqaluit water supply update
Iqaluit's water emergency hit the territory's only hospital — meaning instruments can't be sterilized. And forcing the facility to cancel any procedure that can't be performed with single-use instruments