As It Happens

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

July 8, 2021

Episode Transcript

Part One

Haiti Politics
After the president of Haiti is assassinated, politicians disagree about who should serve as head of state -- and the country's constitution isn't clearing anything up. 

Every Child Matters Logo
The K'ómoks artist behind the Every Child Matters logo says he's sick of seeing it splashed across clothes made by for-profit retailers that haven't shown any commitment to reconciliation. 

Heinz Hot Dog and Buns
Grudge mismatch. A ketchup company publicly addresses the discrepancy between the number of wieners in a package and the number of buns in a package -- and a wiener professional speaks frankly about the problem. 

Part Two

Lytton Chinese Museum Lost
History in the unmaking. The head of B-C's Chinese-Canadian Historical Society says hundreds of artifacts were lost when Lytton's Chinese history museum went up in flames -- and the human stories those objects told were lost as well. 

Leonardo Lineage Study
Relatively surprising. A pair of art historians find 14 living people with the same Y chromosome as Leonardo Da Vinci -- and hope their research will help them understand the nature and the nurture behind the Renaissance great.