As It Happens

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Episode Transcript

Part One

Kingston Sir John A. Statue
Down, but not out. The mayor of Kingston, Ontario explains his city's decision to relocate a statue of Canada's first prime minister -- but not remove it permanently

Pakistan Vaccine Threat
Hold the phone. Authorities in parts of Pakistan take a unique approach to persuading the vaccine hesitant to get their shots -- by threatening to take away their cell service.

Goose Poop Beer
A Finnish brewery gives new meaning to the word "barstool" -- by making its latest beer with goose poop collected from local parks.

Part Two

HK Newspaper Raided 
Hong Kong police raid the pro-democracy paper Apple Daily -- a move a contributor says is designed to have a chilling effect on journalists. 

BC Bear Attack
A man on one of his last jobs before retirement at a work camp in Northern B-C narrowly survives an attack by a black bear.

Part Three

BC Indigenous Child Case
Child welfare authorities in B.C. wanted to place an Indigenous mother and her newborn in foster care. But after advocates stepped in, the ministry backed down. 

Saudi Protest Execution
No mercy. After promising to stop executing people charged when they were minors, Saudi Arabia suddenly kills a man accused of attending protests when he was 17.