As It Happens

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

June 10, 2021

Episode Transcript

Part One

Ford Notwithstanding
Doug Ford says he'll invoke the notwithstanding clause to stop third-party election ads, to protect Ontario -- but one would-be advertiser says the premier is just trying to protect his political future.

Keystone: Indigenous Pro-Pipeline
End of the line. There's celebration now the Keystone XL pipeline is officially kaput -- but our guest says there's no joy for Indigenous investors, who finally had a chance to benefit from oil development.

Nat Geo's 5th Ocean 
Putting it on the map. The National Geographic Society recognizes a new Southern Ocean that our guest hopes will bring more attention to the unique ecosystem of Antarctica. 

Part Two

Afghanistan Deaths
The CEO of a British mine-clearing charity says his team remains determined to help communities in Afghanistan, even after an attack by militants left 10 team members dead. 

Smaller Right Whales
A new study shows that endangered North Atlantic right whales aren't just getting smaller in number, but in size as well -- and marine biologists they think they know why.

Part Three

Propublica Rich Tax
Reporters at ProPublica reveal how the world's richest people avoid paying their fair share when it comes to income taxes.

Puffins Return to Calf of Man
We'll go to the Calf of Man...where the tiny island's bird warden says it's like a dream to see puffins coming ashore again.