As It Happens

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Thursday, May 13, 2021

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Part One

Israel Street Violence
A member of the Knesset says she's never seen the kind of violence that's erupting in cities across Israel -- and that leaders are letting it get out of control. 

Pandemic Preparedness
We're hoping for the best, but a researcher who reviewed the early days of the pandemic says we should prepare for the worst -- because another global pandemic is all too likely.

US Gas Shortage
Running on empty. With drivers in the Southeastern U.S. pumping gas stations dry after a pipeline cyber attack, one gas-station attendant tells us about the calls she's getting by the minute from people who are desperate to fuel up. 

Part Two

Denver Planes Collide
Four wings and a prayer. A plane is nearly ripped in half when it collides with another plane mid-air over a Denver, Colorado suburb -- and one first responder says he still can't believe that no one was hurt in the crash. 

BC Museum Swifts
A museum on Vancouver Island welcomes a yearly visit from chimney-nesting swifts, and even lends them a hand. 

Part Three

Ovarian Cancer Screening
In a blow to ovarian cancer research,  a decades-long study shows that annual screening does little to reduce deaths. 

SD Pitcher Arm
A South Dakota pitcher loses his prosthetic arm in a theft but he's got it back now thanks to a plucky performance from a sorter at the local recycling depot.