As It Happens

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

April 29, 2021

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Part One

Operation Honour: Sajjan
Canada's Defence Minister says former Supreme Court Justice Louise Arbour can do what his government has failed to do: get to the bottom of the military's sexual misconduct problem.

FDA Menthol Cigarettes Ban
The Biden administration plans to ban menthol cigarettes -- and our guest celebrates the end of a product that has disproportionately hurt Black people in the U.S. 

NL Musician 
Using empty shells to avoid becoming one. A bored B-C jazz musician liked the sounds his pistachios were making -- so he recorded that, and other mundane household noises, and made a beautiful ambient album to lull you to sleep. 

Part Two

India Covid 
Desperate for breathing room. As India's COVID cases continue to rise, and families fight to find oxygen and care, a doctor in Ahmedabad describes the desperate efforts to keep patients alive.

Scandinavian Cow Concert
And hitting the lowing notes. In Denmark this weekend, people gathered for an outdoor classical music performance -- and were joined by some cattle who liked what they herd. 

Part Three

Lebanese Food Prices 
Feeding Inflation. Food prices in Lebanon have skyrocketed -- making it hard for people to get a meal on the table. A food-bank director explains how she's trying to help.

Penn Remains Repatriated 
Laid to unrest. An American Museum director explains why his institution's collection includes the bones of enslaved people and victims of police violence -- and tells us when those remains will receive a proper burial.