As It Happens

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

April 8, 2021

Part One

Belfast Rioting
He doesn't want any Troubles. As old tensions reignite in Belfast, a Northern Irish politician calls for calm in the face of the escalating violence, saying: 'We can't allow ourselves to go back to the dark days.'

Civita Heritage Status
The erode not taken. After staving off collapse for thousands of years, a perpetually dying Italian town seeks UNESCO heritage status, in an effort to shore up its chances of survival. 

Humans Add 
Not exactly a plus. New research says human beings are more inclined to add than to subtract, which may be adding to problems of human excess -- one of a surplus of reasons that less is more.

Part Two

Ukraine Canada
Battle lines. With troops gathering on the Ukraine-Russian border, Kiev's ambassador to Ottawa says it's time for Canada and its NATO allies to send a message to the Kremlin.

Mosque Vaccine Clinic 
No hard and fast fast rules. But as Muslims prepare for the holy month of Ramadan, one Mosque is answering questions about whether getting the vaccine would break a person's fast, by running a vaccine clinic in its parking lot

Part Three

Encore: Memorable Interviews 
Adventure time. We'll bring you tales from our archives of people who went on journeys of all sorts last year. Some of them literal journeys, and some journeys into the self -- in which our guests pushed their own  boundaries. Plus at least one that really pushes the limits of good taste. That's coming up later on "As It Happens".