As It Happens

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

April 1, 2021

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Part One

Chretien Nuclear Waste
A Radio-Canada reporter reveals the extent of former Prime Minister Jean Chretien's involvement in a proposal to import nuclear waste from other countries, and bury it in Labrador. 

Sherbrooke 1897 Car 
Grandbaby, you can drive my car. In 1897, George Foote Foss built the first gas-powered automobile in Canada -- and now, Ron Foss explains why he's remaking his grandfather's largely forgotten invention. 

April Fools Pak
Living in an April Fools paradise. Over the years, "As It Happens" has amused some and infuriated more with pranks -- and tonight, we'll revisit some that had you howling, in one form or another.

Part Two

Black World War 1 Unit Apology 
Their service deserves more than lip service. Ottawa plans a belated apology to the families of those who served in an all-Black battalion in the First World War -- but one relative says the government is duty-bound to do more. 

Finishing Mozart 
A Mozart scholar took on the daunting task of completing the great composer's unfinished sonatas -- and he'll tell us about making arrangements to make the arrangements.

Part Three

Rare Gecko Discovered
A New Zealand ecologist and his colleagues left no stone unturned, literally, to find a rare lizard -- and when they finally found the reclusive reptile, their excitement was off the scales. 

Ireland Future of Work
Ireland's minister of rural development says the pandemic has given her government a once-in-a-generation opportunity to get people out of cities -- and working remotely in the country.